Fortune teller-swindler deceived a resident of Moscow for 4 million rubles, promising to remove damage

A resident of Moscow, who has recently been unlucky in life, fell for an offer on the Internet and decided to remove the evil eye from herself. How did you know SHOTafter the ritual, the 52-year-old woman did not become happier, as she lost almost four million rubles.

The victim Irina said that the magician Albina wrote to her on the social network, who saw a terrible evil eye on the Muscovite. She just had a “black streak”, and so she decided to get rid of failures. The ladies phoned by video, after which the client threw off the “witch” one thousand rubles. Then the price tag grew: six thousand, 17, 300 thousand, and so on. Irina woke up only when she saw the balance on the card – minus three million 800 thousand rubles.

“She looked at me through the video – her eyes sparkled. I began to do everything she says. She threatened me: if I don’t do all this, my daughter and father will die,” admitted the Muscovite.

The Muscovite believes that the “sorceress” hypnotized her through the screen, because after talking with her she “did not understand anything at all”: the woman does not remember how the “psychic” pulled three million 800 thousand rubles out of her. Erased from memory and the moment when Irina laid the flats, which are located in Yalta. Now the police are looking for the police who robbed Irina, but judging by her social networks, the “witch” is in Milan.

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