Fortnite OG Season: A Nostalgic Journey to the Past

After years of anticipation, rumors, and teases, Fortnite OG Season has finally arrived, delivering on the dream of revisiting the Chapter 1 map and bringing back cherished weapons, skins, and more. The fervor for Chapter 1 has won over Epic Games, making this season a heartfelt trip down memory lane.

Short But Sweet

While Fortnite OG Season is indeed a dream come true, it’s worth noting that it’s a shorter season compared to the usual Fortnite seasons. At just one month in duration, it brings a host of atypical changes to the game’s landscape.

The OG Pass: 50 Tiers of Nostalgic Rewards

The season introduces the OG Pass, a battle pass with a twist. Instead of the customary 100+ tiers, this pass offers 50 tiers filled with throwback rewards that evoke the magic of Fortnite’s history. Players can expect to unlock a range of nostalgic items and skins as they progress through the tiers.

Frequent Updates Reflecting the Past

Fortnite OG Season departs from the traditional update cadence. Rather than introducing one or two items every week or two, this season’s updates will drastically alter the island and loot each week. Each update reflects different eras of Chapter 1, spanning from Season 5 to Season X. Some items will persist through multiple updates, while others may cycle out after just one week.

The OG Shop: A Treasure Trove of Rarity

The Item Shop undergoes a transformation in Fortnite OG Season, becoming the OG Shop. Here, players will discover older and rare cosmetics, including skins and gliders. Additionally, the shop features reimagined items that combine elements from past characters and introduces brand-new items. These items are deemed rare, making it a wise choice to check the shop daily for some of the game’s most uncommon cosmetics.

Weapons and Loot Galore

The one-month season promises more loot pool changes than ever before. Each week will bring a new hotfix, dramatically altering the loot to reflect different seasons from Chapter 1. The schedule includes the reintroduction of classic items like the Shopping Cart, All Terrain Kart, Damage Trap, Grappler, Boogie Bomb, and more. The loot pool evolution is a journey through time, giving players a taste of Fortnite’s past.

OG Map Changes

The map changes are a monumental part of this season. The island starts with the look of Chapter 1 Season 5, but it will undergo rapid transformations, shifting to Season 6’s map and more in the following weeks. It’s a nostalgic treat for veteran players and a fresh adventure for newcomers.

Fortnite OG Season is a dream come true for fans of Chapter 1, offering a limited-time opportunity to revisit the past and grab some of the game’s most iconic items. Whether you’re here for the OG Pass, OG Shop, or the map changes, this season promises an unforgettable journey through Fortnite’s history. Enjoy the ride!

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