Fortnite OG Season: A Blast from the Past Patch Notes

Fortnite has recently entered one of its most exciting phases, with the arrival of Fortnite OG Season. This new season is a dream come true for many players as they get to revisit their beloved Chapter 1 map, complete with iconic weapons and skins. Let’s dive into the patch notes for Fortnite OG Season!

V27.00 – Season 5: The Return of Tilted, Greasy, and Risky

Fortnite OG Season kicks off with a nostalgic return to some of the most iconic locations in Chapter 1. Tilted Towers, a point of interest introduced in Season 2, graces the island once more, staying until Season 9. This season, we’re rewinding the clock to Chapter 1 Season 5, where players experienced the collision of worlds and the introduction of All Terrain Karts. You’ll be able to wield classic weapons, set traps, and hop into vehicles that defined that era.

The OG Pass: Unlock Nostalgia

Fortnite OG Season introduces the OG Pass, a treasure trove of over 50 new in-game items that will whisk you down memory lane. The OG Pass can be yours for 950 V-Bucks, and by progressing through it, you can earn up to 1,000 V-Bucks. For Fortnite Crew subscribers, the OG Pass is included, making it an even sweeter deal.

Fortnite OG Season is a blast from the past, with patch notes filled with exciting content for players to explore. So, jump into the game and enjoy the journey back to Chapter 1 Season 5, where old memories and new adventures await!

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