Former US intelligence officer outlined the timing of Russia’s victory in Ukraine

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

Russia will achieve victory in Ukraine by the end of summer – beginning of autumn, as a result of which Western fighters and tanks will not have time to help the Ukrainian army. This opinion was expressed by former US Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter.

“In my opinion, Russia will achieve a decisive victory by the end of summer – the beginning of autumn,” Ritter said on air. youtube-channel The Dive with Jackson Hinkle. He added that if the situation really is such, then not a single tank and not a single US F-16 fighter will have time to come to Ukraine. as military aid

Earlier, military expert of the Institute of CIS Countries Vladimir Evseev said that Russia, having achieved victory in Ukraine, would prevent a major war in Europe. Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev predicted that after achieving victory in the conflict, Russia will face difficult negotiations with the curators of the current Ukrainian government, reports RT.


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