“Former Ukrainian”: In Germany, a sports official gave a description of Zelensky and was called “on the carpet”

Global Look Press |  Christoph Soeder
Global Look Press | Christoph Soeder

Vice President of the German Football Association Herman Winkler apologized for his words about the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky after his visit to Germany.

On May 14, Zelensky paid a diplomatic visit to Berlin, due to which many roads were blocked and a large number of tourists were not allowed into the city. In this regard, Winkler wrote a post on his social networks about the arrival of the “former Ukrainian actor.” He also wrote that, surprisingly, the monument to Soviet soldiers is still in its place, despite the visit of Zelensky.

After that, the President of the German Football Association Bernd Neuendorf summoned Winkler to his office and chastised him for mocking the Ukrainian leader, who was being awarded the Charlemagne Prize that day. Winkler later deleted his social media accounts and said he apologized for being too emotional.

Earlier it was reported that Zelensky arrived in Berlin to discuss a new military package. This trip took place immediately after a visit to Italy.


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