Former German chief of staff to fight coronavirus becomes Inspector General of the Bundeswehr

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius will replace Inspector General, sources told DPA. Der Spiegel And Bild. Eberhard Zorn’s place will be taken by Carsten Breuer, who was previously the head of the coronavirus crisis headquarters.

The inspector general is responsible for the overall concept of German defense, he has the most senior military rank in the German army system, is part of the leadership of the Ministry of Defense and acts as an adviser to the government.

According to media reports, Mr. Pistorius intends to seriously reorganize the Bundeswehr. The minister informed Mr. Zorn of his decision, but the ministry did not officially announce any personnel changes.

Bild recalls that in September, in an interview with Focus magazine, Mr. Zorn expressed fear that the Russian Federation might open a second front. He also questioned the ability of the Ukrainian military to resist the Russian army.

Leonid Uvarchev


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