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Former deputy head of Rosnano Udaltsov resigns as head of the supervisory board of the Market Council


Yury Udaltsov, an associate of Anatoly Chubais and former deputy chairman of the board of Rosnano, will leave the post of chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Market Council (regulator of energy markets), which he has held since 2012. The issue will be considered at a meeting of the Supervisory Board on June 22, follows from the agenda (Kommersant has it). Pavel Snikkars, deputy head of the Ministry of Energy, may become the new chairman of the supervisory board of the Market Council. The candidacy of Mr. Snikkars was put forward by the head of the Market Council Maxim Bystrov, sources told Kommersant.

“The resignation is the initiative of Udaltsov himself,” says one of Kommersant’s interlocutors.

The Supervisory Board of the “Market Council” can also cancel the “procedure for paying remuneration to the chairman of the Supervisory Board”, which was adopted on March 23, 2021. June 21 will be the last day for the payment of remuneration to Yuri Udaltsov. Pavel Snikkars is an active civil servant, and “applying to him” the current provisions of the procedure for paying remuneration “will be contrary to the principles of the civil service of the Russian Federation and the restrictions associated with its passage,” explained Kommersant in the Market Council. Yuri Udaltsov is a member of the House of Representatives of the Authorities. He will remain a member of the supervisory board until the relevant decision is made by the government of the Russian Federation, the regulator noted.

Yuri Udaltsov, together with Anatoly Chubais, led the reorganization of RAO “UES of Russia” in the 2000s: Mr. Udaltsov was responsible for the concept of the reform and for the creation of a free energy market. As a result of the reform, 30 GW of TPPs were built in the Russian Federation under capacity supply agreements (PSAs), which are paid off through increased consumer payments. Yury Udaltsov came to Rosnano in 2009, and last year he left the post following Mr. Chubais.

The head of the “Market Council” Maxim Bystrov about the prospects for energy in the face of sanctions – in an interview “Now all factors are uncertain.”

More news in Telegram channel “Kommersant”.

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