Former chief architect of Sochi Sergey Dobromyslov to stand trial for bribery


The Central District Court of Sochi will consider a criminal case against the former director of the city department of architecture, Sergei Dobromyslov, accused of taking bribes in the amount of 23.7 million rubles, informs investigative department of the TFR in the Krasnodar Territory. Alex Lomakin, an acquaintance of the former chief architect, is accused of mediating the transfer of a bribe, as well as of fraud for 20 million rubles.

According to the investigation, in 2020, Alex Lomakin, a resident of Sochi, was approached by the general director of a construction company with a request to assist in coordinating the construction of an apartment complex. The object was supposed to be built on the lands of the forest fund in the Adler district of Sochi. Mr. Lomakin offered the developer to transfer a bribe in the amount of 75 million rubles. Sergey Dobromyslov, head of the city department of architecture, for issuing permits. Otherwise, the mediator promised that serious problems would arise in the project.

The developer agreed and in November 2020 transferred 3.7 million rubles to the attackers. In April 2021, the entrepreneur turned to law enforcement agencies when transferring another bribe in the amount of 20 million rubles. The official and his acquaintance were detained. In addition, Alex Lomakin received 20 million rubles under the pretext of assisting citizens in buying apartments from the developer and in the design of land plots, but did not fulfill his promises. Both defendants in the case are in custody.

Anna Perova, Krasnodar


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