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Former adviser to the head of the Pentagon announced the preparation of the public for the collapse of Kyiv | World news | News | 06/19/2022


After several months of lies about the events around Ukraine and the Russian special operation to protect the Donbass, the Western media are preparing countries for the military collapse of Kyiv. This opinion was expressed in an article for The American Conservative retired colonel of the US Army, former adviser to the US Secretary of Defense under the 45th US President Trump Douglas McGregor.

As the observer notes, attentive observers noted that the same videos of the shelling of Russian tanks were shown repeatedly, and the losses of Russia and the true size of Ukraine’s own losses were distorted, fabricated or simply hushed up.

Over time, it became clear that the Kyiv regime was losing. The author of the article notes that only the episodic infusion of US and allied weapons kept the “battered legions of Kyiv on the battlefield”, which are now dying in large numbers due to Washington’s policies.

According to McGregor, the situation is becoming more and more desperate by the hour. No amount of military aid other than direct military intervention by US and NATO ground forces can change this harsh reality.

“If the administration [президента США Джо] Biden will get his way and Kyiv will continue to act as a base for building up new forces ready to threaten Moscow, then in practice this will mean that Kyiv must commit national suicide, ”said the former adviser to the head of the Pentagon.

The columnist wonders where the funds will come from to rebuild Ukraine’s shattered society amid the evolving global economic emergency, with inflation costing the average American household an extra $460 a month.

“Ukraine may well quietly go under the water, like the Titanic, without causing much concern to the American electorate,” he is sure.

McGregor, pointed out that seasoned politicians know that American attention to matters outside the borders of the United States is so brief that admitting defeat in Ukraine probably won’t have any special or immediate consequences.

According to the journalist, Biden can go down in history with his stubbornness and inertness – like the 31st US President Herbert Hoover, who aggravated the Great Depression in 1929-1933.

“Democrats remember how their predecessors successfully defeated Hoover for another half century. Now it will be the turn of the Republicans to smash Biden – the same half a century, ”concluded the columnist.

Despite a surge in foreign military and economic aid, Kyiv and its supporters can only hope for a stalemate with a much larger and better-armed Russian army, according to experts interviewed by The Washington Post on June 17. According to journalists, the Russian side effectively uses artillery, which allows a gradual advance.

Since the beginning of the special operation of the Russian Federation to protect the Donbass, Western countries have increased their military support for Ukraine. The Russian Foreign Ministry has repeatedly urged to stop pumping Kyiv with weapons. So, on April 27, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, noted that the West arranged a “hellish carousel” of arms supplies. She noted that such actions lead to death of people. At the same time, Moscow noted that Western supplies did not affect the course of the special operation and all goals would be achieved.

For more up-to-date videos and details about the situation in Donbass, watch the Izvestia TV channel.


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