Former adviser to the head of the Pentagon announced the long-term preparation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for an attack on Russia |  BMG-2048/CC BY-SA 4.0 | BMG-2048/CC BY-SA 4.0

Colonel Douglas McGregor announced the training of fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to strike at Russia.

According to McGregor, the United States has been preparing the Ukrainian military for eight years to strike at the Russian Federation. The military also said that Washington did not think about the consequences, writes online edition of Lenta. EN

“We continued to mistake Russia as a well-armed gas station. <...> However, we found that everything is exactly the opposite, ”McGregor emphasized.

The colonel is also sure that the United States underestimated Russia, and in the event of a collision with Moscow’s air defense forces, the American military will suffer heavy losses. McGregor concluded that the days when the US Air Force could fly freely were over.

Earlier, former Pentagon adviser McGregor announced the readiness of the whole world to cooperate with Russia.


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