Forest park belt of Armavir will increase by almost a hectare

Amendments to the Decree of the Legislative Assembly of the Krasnodar Territory “On the Creation of a Forest Park Green Belt of the City of Armavir” will significantly expand the green zone of the industrial city.

The draft document was developed on the basis of materials submitted to the Legislative Assembly of the region by the Public Chamber of the region. The participants of the public hearings held by the Chamber supported the increase of the forest park green belt of the city of Armavir by almost 11,000 square meters.

Commenting on the adopted resolution, Yury Burlachko, head of the Kuban parliament, noted that Armavir is known in the region and beyond as one of the industrial centers of Russia. Here, the economy is based on industrial enterprises and the processing industry.

“Therefore, it is very important that not only the city, its plants and factories, which form the basis of the local economy, grow. But along with them, let the green areas expand, providing citizens with oxygen and places for family walks. Armavir, as well as all settlements of the Krasnodar Territory, should have such a path of harmonious development, ”the parliamentarian emphasized.

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