Foreigners placed a record amount of funds on the accounts of Georgian banks

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    According to the National Bank of Georgia, the total volume of foreign deposits in the country’s financial institutions in June amounted to 4.77 billion lari, or about $1.8 billion. Such indicators have become a historical maximum. They also had a positive impact on the country’s economy, Sputnik Georgia reports.

    The largest number of foreign deposits is in two banks of the country – Bank of Georgia and TBC. The first contains approximately 780 million dollars or 2.14 billion lari, and the second contains 700 million dollars or 1.91 million lari.

    Citizens of which countries transfer their funds to Georgian banks this year are not reported, but in 2021 the depositors were predominantly Russians.

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    It is known that 88% of such deposits are in dollars, and 12% are in the national currency of Georgia – lari.


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