Foreign Ministry accused Latvia of Russophobia for calls to stop issuing visas to Russians


Russian Foreign Ministry: Latvia’s call to stop issuing visas to Russians is another manifestation of Russophobia

The Russian Foreign Ministry reacted to Latvia’s proposal to stop issuing visas to Russians. The Russian Foreign Ministry called the position of the Baltic country another manifestation of Russophobia.

“We are considering the statement of the Latvian Seimas on the “recognition” of the Russian Federation as a “state sponsor of terrorism” with a call to stop issuing tourist visas to Russians as another manifestation of Russophobia, which has long become a “tuning fork” of Latvian foreign policy,” the statement said. press service MFA.

The ministry stressed that the position of the supreme legislative body of Latvia grossly contradicts the current international law and violates the principle of the sovereign equality of states, enshrined in the UN Charter.

“Such a brazen and self-confident allocation of objectionable countries into a certain special category lies in line with the course long pursued by the collective West to replace the universal norms and principles of international law,” the department noted, adding that Latvia in this situation was assigned the role of a pawn in the hands of “overseas masters “.

The statement, drew attention to the Russian Foreign Ministry, was adopted by the parliament of the country, whose authorities openly glorify Nazism, condone its accomplices and encourage the sending of their citizens as mercenaries to Ukraine.

The Latvian ministry called the accusations unfounded, called for an end to provocations and to focus primarily on the interests of one’s own country and its inhabitants.

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