Foreign Affairs: Germany has lost the trust of the EU because of relations with the Russian Federation

Opening of the MC Bauchemie plant.  Tyumen, germany flag, russian flag

Germany has lost the confidence of the European Union due to its close relationship with Russia in the energy sector. This is reported by the American magazine Foreign Affairs.

“Germany is already experiencing a trust deficit among many European allies due to its close energy relationship with Moscow. And, in particular, because of the refusal to suspend the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project just a few days before the start of the conflict in Ukraine, ”writes Foreign Affairs.

Germany is still dependent on Russian gas, the newspaper notes. Russia can allegedly take advantage of this, so Berlin should make it a priority to refuse gas from the Russian Federation, the magazine reports. Germany needs to show its interest in stopping the special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine and support the European Union. Foreign Affairs believes that Germany can again achieve leadership in the EU.

Germany supports Kyiv and sends weapons there against the background of the special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, launched on February 24. Germany and the European Union imposed sanctions against Russia. Earlier, fears were expressed in Germany that Russia would not resume gas supplies via Nord Stream after a shutdown due to technical work. Some German cities have decided to reduce energy consumption. In three months, a gas disaster could begin there if the country’s authorities do not take action, wrote Bloomberg.

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