Ford cars will be taught to leave debtors back to the dealership

02 March 2023, 03:28

Ford cars will return to the showroom after a loan delinquency

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Ford Corporation plans to implement a system that will allow cars to return to the dealership on their own if their owners do not pay off the loan for the car. The newspaper reported The Times.

Ford management has filed documents for the invention in the United States Patent Office. As part of the “multi-step hold procedure,” the car will begin to send signals to the driver demanding payment of the debt. At the next stage, the transport will turn off the satellite navigation system, speakers and air conditioning.

“If the owner of the car ignores these measures as well, then every time he gets behind the wheel, the sound system will be activated, which will begin to emit a “continuous sound”, ”the article notes.

In the future, the car will block the owner’s ability to drive where he wants. If the owner of the car does not heed all the warnings, then the car itself will return to the car dealership or to the landfill for disposal.

The American company Ford Motor Company left the Russian market in October 2022. Before that, the automaker sold a stake in a joint venture with Sollers.


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