Forbes announced a serious problem that Ukraine will face after the conflict

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Ukraine risks facing a severe skills shortage following the conflict with Russia, as more than a third of Ukrainians have left the country. An article was written about this for Forbes magazine.

The author of the material emphasized that the country will have a long time to recover after the conflict with the Russian Federation. “Another cost that could set Ukraine back many years: brain drain. More than a third of the Ukrainian population (estimated at 44 million in 2021) has been displaced, and as of November 14, there are 6.3 million Ukrainian refugees registered worldwide,” wrote in the article.

It is clarified that about 15% of Ukrainians currently live outside the country. At the same time, the majority of refugees are citizens with higher education.

Earlier, Ukrainian media wrote that the state needs specialists in the field of education. According to the press, many educated people “packed their things and left,” reports RT.


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