For the first time, Ukraine has surpassed Russia in terms of trade volume with Germany – Kommersant

Eastern Committee of the German Economy reportedthat Ukraine, based on the results of September 2023, for the first time in history has surpassed Russia in terms of trade turnover with Germany.

According to the committee report (.pdf), Ukraine took eighth place in the list of Germany’s largest trading partners, Russia was in ninth place. Ukraine’s trade turnover with Germany in September amounted to €840 million, while the volume of trade with Russia in the same month was €30 million less.

Poland took first place in the list of Germany’s main trading partners, Czech Republic second, Hungary third, followed by Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Bulgaria.

According to the head of the Eastern Committee of the German Economy, Katrina Klaas-Mühlhäuser, Germany intends to increase the volume of trade turnover with all its partners. To do this, it is necessary to “consistently eliminate foreign economic obstacles and not create new ones,” she emphasized. “In particular, it is necessary to ensure open borders for the movement of goods. In this regard, we are extremely concerned about the long waiting times for trucks at the Polish-Ukrainian border and the recent blockades by Polish carriers,” added the head of the committee.

The Eastern Economic Committee of Germany is one of the largest business associations in the country. It was founded in 1952 as the collective body of a number of key German business unions. The committee, headquartered in Berlin, brings together more than 350 German business structures, primarily medium-sized businesses.

Alexander Kislov

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