In Spain, a child was hospitalized for the first time in history due to an addiction to the computer game Fortnite, the University of Jaime I, who participated in the study, told RIA Novosti.

They said that the patient did not leave the house, avoided communication, and refused to go to the doctor. He also showed no interest in what was happening around him and showed great selectivity in his tastes. The child had a sleep disorder and did not care about personal hygiene.

In addition, the minor was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, social anxiety disorder, and complicated grief disorder due to the loss of his mother – she died a year ago from cancer. At the same time, the child had a high academic performance before.

“The game has become a refuge for his emotional experiences,” – explained the experts.
The treatment lasted two months. It required an interdisciplinary approach that included both the patient and his family.

The results showed a significant reduction in the time spent in the game, as well as an improvement in the patient’s personal and social performance.

WHO included video game addiction on the list of mental illnesses in 2018.


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