For migrants, a language rating may be introduced

For migrants, a language rating may be introduced

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In order to encourage migrant workers coming to Russia to learn Russian, it is necessary to introduce a point system for assessing language adaptation. Valentina Kazakova, head of the main department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for migration, said this at a round table in the State Duma.

The organization of the study of the Russian language and passing the exam abroad as part of the system of pre-entry preparation is preferable to testing in Russia immediately before obtaining permits, the Ministry of Internal Affairs believes.

The department has figured out how to encourage migrants to know the Russian language better – they need to introduce a language rating, a scoring system for assessing language adaptation, which can be integrated into the state migration registration system. Points, said Valentina Kazakova, can be awarded for education received in Russian abroad, for passing pre-entry training, for passing an exam in Russian language and Russian history or an international exam (TORFL), for attending language courses and for work related to active using the Russian language.

The rating can begin to be applied after one to three months of a migrant’s stay in Russia. If there are few points, the foreigner will be offered a monthly “adaptation payment” – in Kazakova’s presentation, the figure of one thousand rubles was indicated as an example. But if a year has passed, and our guest has not raised his rating, then the amount can be increased, and if the migrant has violated the law, then the rating can be completely reset.

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