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Football matches in Sweden will resume without spectators from June 14

Professional sports, including football matches, will resume in Sweden from June 14, the competitions will be held without spectators, Director General of the Swedish Health Agency Johan Carlson announced on Friday.

The last round of the top division of the Swedish football championship was held in early March.
“Since June 14, all sports have resumed, the decision also includes professional football matches and other competitions,” Carlson told reporters.

Interior Minister Michael Damberg, who also participated in the press conference, said that the ban on the meeting of more than 50 people is still in force and urged fans not to gather in sports clubs and restaurants.

“We all looked forward to the resumption of the football season, but this year everything will be different, we will not be able to support our favorite teams in the stadium. I urge the fans not to gather in large groups. If a large crowd of people is recorded in a restaurant or club, the institution may be fined or even closed, “said Damberg.

The Swedish government, unlike many other countries, did not enter a strict lockdown due to the spread of coronavirus, kindergartens, elementary schools, restaurants, and fitness centers continued to operate in the country.

Restrictive measures include, among other things, a ban on meetings of more than 50 people, cafes cannot serve visitors at the counter, and visiting nursing homes is prohibited. Universities, high schools, and company employees, where possible, are remotely transferred. People are encouraged to maintain social distance and avoid unnecessary social contacts.

On March 11, the World Health Organization announced an outbreak of a new coronavirus infection with the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the latest WHO data, almost 5.6 million cases of the disease were recorded in the world, more than 350 thousand people died.

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