Folk tale against Russian chthoni: in “Drip” a kind doctor digs tiktokers

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Anesthesiologist-resuscitator Vanya (Denis Prytkov) on the next call, in a hurry to save the victim, accidentally breaks several ampoules of morphine on the asphalt. The patient is saved, and Vanya is now facing an article.

The kind head of the clinic, Proskurin (Sergey Lavygin), offers an alternative: privately administer several wealthy clients. Poraskinuv brains, Vanya agrees, because he really needs to raise money for the operation of the bedridden mother of his friend Polia (Maria Furina). Seryoga (Nikita Nikitin), a vital former drug addict from Taganrog, to whom Vanya saved his life (but cut off his arm below the elbow), is taken to work as a driver on calls. On the very first call, Vanya resuscitates the sniffed major Stas (Egor Zakhovaev) and the popular blogger Alko (Anastasia Reznik). Soon Stas enters the stop, people are dying. While Stas is in intensive care, his influential dad demands that Proskurin put all the blame on Vanya.

The very first appearance in the frame of the protagonist of the TV series “Drop” attracts attention with a bright detail – a characteristic large-knit sweater. In a similar (purchased, as you know, by accident) Danila Bagrov walked in the first Balabanov’s “Brother”. In the case of director Ilya Aksenov, this detail certainly does not look random. In his past – and most successful – TV project “Peace! Friendship! Gum” he had already worked with archetypes from the Russian 1990s, so the image of Vanya’s dropper was created with quite conscious references. Unlike Bagrov, today’s hero does not have battles in hot spots behind him, but he also has some difficult past that dictates actions in the present. We will find out what these mistakes are pretty soon – to understand that in this series, despite the formal comedy claim, anything can happen.

Anything really happens here. There is also a meeting with bandits in a wasteland, and a whole line about pawnbrokers, and Gosha Kutsenko, chasing heroes with a shotgun to the “Cursed Old House” of “The King and the Jester”. There are tragic episodes and miraculous rescues. In the fearlessness with which Ilya Aksenov subjects the viewer to emotional overload, and in how easily he violates the laws of the genre, the consequences of working with Zhora Kryzhovnikov on the film “Relatives” are seen. It was Kryzhovnikov who at one time convincingly proved the readiness of the Russian audience for painful emotions, even in the comedy genre. He also showed that a series about an HIV-infected bastard (“Call DiCaprio”) can become a hit with the widest audience.

“Drip”, of course, is not “DiCaprio” at all. The plot about a kind doctor secretly digging tiktokers was suggested by blogger Ida Galich, who is listed here as the author of the idea. The story that grew out of this idea is largely built on the principles of a fairy tale about Ivanushka the Fool. As has been repeatedly proven at the end of the last century, fairy tales are adapted to the black Russian reality like a glove. So instead of the Gray Wolf there are corrupt cops (that is, “shameful wolves”), instead of the Little Humpbacked Horse – the resilient one-armed taxi driver Seryoga. Instead of the Frog Princess – a Tiktoker in a bath with red caviar. Well, the role of Koshcheev’s kingdom is played by a forest rehabilitation center, where Anna Ukolova’s heroine takes patronage over Alko. By the end, the fairy tale almost completely defeats the Russian Khton. And such an outcome, although it does not look too realistic, against the background of what is happening outside the television screen, does not cause any rejection at all.

The series is legally available on the service Premier.

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