FNPR proposed to the State Duma to send unemployed pre-pensioners to retire early

The Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia (FNPR) proposed to finalize the draft law “On Employment of the Population”, which passed first reading 15 March. The FNPR proposes to introduce the concepts of “partially unemployed” and “partially employed” into the document, and provide unemployed pre-retirees with the opportunity for early retirement if the employment service does not provide them with a job within a year. Amendments that have become known VedomostiFNPR sent to the State Duma and the Ministry of Labor.

A person becomes a pre-retiree when they are five years away from retirement.

Since employers prefer younger and more motivated applicants, the possibility of early retirement is a significant measure of social support for pre-retirees. This was stated by the expert of the Center for Strategic Research Askhab Indarbaev.

Professor of the Department of Labor and Social Policy of the Institute of Public Administration and Management of the RANEPA Alexander Shcherbakov recalled that there is still an opportunity to retire earlier than the formal deadline.

According to Rosstat, a quarter (25%) of Russians are trying to get a new job through employment services. The draft law, in its current form, introduces additional categories of citizens who can receive assistance from employment services: for example, people looking for a better job for themselves, or workers at risk of being fired. Also, according to the document, the services of employment services will be received as a priority by participants in the hostilities in Ukraine and their families.

“Part-time employment” can be considered a situation where a citizen is hired under an employment contract, but by agreement with the management, his working time is less than the norm provided for by law, and the salary depends on the output or hours worked, FNPR believes. It is proposed to fix the definition so that a person has the opportunity to count on partial unemployment benefits.

Read more about the bill in the publication “Kommersant” “Absent unemployment is prescribed prevention.”

Maria Fedotova


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