flood waters enter government hospital in central mexico 16 patient died


    Tula (Mexico). A flash flood caused by heavy rain in central Mexico entered a hospital on Tuesday morning. During this, many life-saving devices were shut down due to the power supply shutdown. In this way 16 patients died. National Institute of Social Security (INSS) gave this information.

    Posting on the social media site, INSS said that 40 patients have been rescued in the incident. The main city of Tula, about 60 miles (100 kilometers) north of Mexico City, was rapidly flooded with floodwaters and a government hospital in the morning, among other areas.

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    In a video recorded inside the hospital, hospital workers were seen taking out patients in knee-deep water. On Tuesday, emergency personnel evacuated the hospital and took the patients to other hospitals through ambulances.

    INSS director Joe Robledo said that the water supply disrupted the electricity supply to the area and the hospital’s generator was also turned off. He told that there were 56 patients in the hospital, out of which about half were Kovid-19 patients.

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    Rescuers and firefighters and soldiers rescued people trapped due to floods in Tula by boat. The central market of the city is completely in the grip of floods. (agency input)

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