Flight from Perm to Turkey delayed by more than 9 hours

New terminal of Perm Bolshoye Savino airport.  Perm, Bolshoye Savino airport, Perm airport, check-in counters

The plane’s departure from Perm to Antalya was delayed for almost 10 hours. This is due to the fact that when landing at Bolshoye Savino airport, the aircraft rolled off the runway.

According to the data on the online board of the Perm airport, passengers will depart at 23:50, while the plane was supposed to take off at 14:15. “Check-in for the flight has been completed,” the airport’s website says.

The flight was delayed due to an incident during the landing of a plane flying from Turkey to Perm. There were 174 passengers on board the plane, including children. Due to the incident, the airport suspended flight departures and landings for some time. Some Perm residents flew to a neighboring region instead of their hometown.


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