Five people found dead in suburban Chicago

The bodies of five people were found in a house in suburban Chicago

The bodies of five people were found by police in a residential building in a suburb of Chicago in the US state of Illinois. This was announced on November 30 by the press service of the city police on its Twitter.

Chicago Police

Chicago Police

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It is specified that the police officers accepted the call to the scene at 11:12 local time (19:12 Moscow time) and went to check the condition of the “adult woman” who spoke to the police on the phone.

Upon arriving at the scene of the alleged incident, the police attempted to establish contact with the residents of the building from which the call had been received. All attempts were unsuccessful, and forced entry into the house followed by a sweep was deemed necessary. The bodies of five people were found in the house.

The results of the preliminary investigation pointed to the death of people as a result of a domestic conflict. The investigation into the circumstances of the tragedy continues, there is no threat to society.

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