Five killed in US twin-engine plane crash


February 23, 2023, 01:47

ABC: US ​​twin-engine plane crash kills five

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A Beech BE20 twin-engine aircraft crashed on February 22 near the American Little Rock National Airport in Arkansas, the TV channel reported. ABCreferring to US authorities.

There were five people on board the aircraft, they died. According to media reports, Beech BE20 got into the storm front zone. According to the local police department, there was strong wind and heavy rain. Law enforcement agencies are investigating the circumstances of the plane crash. No other details about the incident were given.

There have been several incidents in the United States this week. On February 21, a coal train derailed in Nebraska. Almost 30 wagons overturned on the railway. The day before, there was a major fire in Brooklyn, a lumber warehouse was on fire. An explosion was also reported at a metallurgical plant, more than 10 people were injured there.


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