First choice of youth, electric vehicles are making the air healthy

Bhopal News: Bhopal (Navdunia Representative).There is an emphasis on buying vehicles among the youth, in this also electric vehicles have started becoming the first choice. Here the vehicles are also making the climate of the city healthy, because they do not emit smoke and the cost is also less. This specialty of them has started attracting people, due to which their sales are continuously increasing.

In the last three years, the number of showrooms of electric vehicles has increased in the markets. Seeing the craze of people to buy electric vehicles, big companies are also focusing more on manufacturing electric vehicles. Electric four and two wheelers of many companies are available in the city. College students, working men and women these days are preferring to buy electric vehicles instead of petrol vehicles. Three years ago, in a month, hardly two to three electric vehicles were registered every day in the Regional Transport Office (RTO). There were number of e-rickshaws in these. Now 10 to 15 electric vehicles are being registered every day. There are four to five four wheelers in these every day. At the same time, up to 10 two-wheeler electric vehicles are registered. Earlier, a few electric two-wheelers were seen moving with great difficulty on the roads. Now out of 10 petrol vehicles, two to three electric vehicles are seen being driven by young men and women. The central and state governments have taken positive steps in the budget to promote electric vehicles. Provisions have been made to give tax exemption.

– Price high yet craze

Electric vehicles are competing with petrol vehicles. The cost of electric vehicles is not low. Electric scooters are being sold in the market from 70 thousand to 1 lakh 20 thousand rupees. Motorcycles cost more than this, but to reduce air pollution and to promote green energy, the craze to buy and drive electric vehicles is being seen among the youth.

That’s why youth are buying electric vehicles

Once charged with electricity, the two-wheeler electric scooter runs for 100 to 120 kilometers. In such a situation, electric vehicles are becoming the first choice of college students, employed men and women. Not only this, on online booking of food items, clothes and other essential items, door-to-door delivery companies are also buying electric scooters for their delivery boys.

what people say

Now it is the era of electric vehicles. Air pollution is increasing due to the operation of petrol and diesel vehicles. The government is also emphasizing on increasing electric vehicles. I have only taken two electric scooters in my house.

-Jitendra Kumar, Suraj Nagar

Earlier I wanted to buy a petrol bike, but now my mind has changed. Going to buy an electric vehicle next month. Electric scooters are now appearing in the city.

-Sandeep Kumar, Awadhpuri

Electric vehicles in the city at a glance



2023 till now – 4500

(Note: The number of all types of electric vehicles is. According to the information received from automobile dealers and RTOs, given in approx.)

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