Finnish border guards said that the decision to refuse flights is made by the airlines

Petter Stauffer, deputy head of the Helsinki border inspection department, said that the airlines themselves accept the refusal to transport Russian passengers. According to him, the border services are not provided with information about such incidents, unless it is about forged documents or other direct violations of the law. The day before, on October 4, the Finnish air carrier Finnair explained the cases of refusal of Russian citizens to board the flight by fulfilling the instructions of the border guards.

Mr. Stauffer in conversation with Helsingin Sanomat noted that now there is “excessive caution of airlines in tracking Russian passengers.” The border service, he said, does not have information about the number of Russians who were denied entry to Finland. He noted that some airlines have begun to apply restrictions on the entry of Russians, although they are not required to do so.

He also stressed that Russians entering from other countries must prove their intention to return to Russia. In this case, according to him, there are no reasons for restrictions. “If a passenger comes to the border control, it is enough for us that he has a car or a parking ticket and he can show them. Or that he has a ticket for a bus that leaves in a couple of hours and goes to the border with Russia,” said Mr. Stauffer.

He also stated that the border patrol may recommend that the passenger not be allowed on the flight. Such decisions are made on an individual basis if any rules are not followed.

Since September 30, Finland has closed entry for Russians with a tourist visa. Now Russian citizens can enter Finland for family reasons, for study, work, medical treatment, and also for humanitarian reasons.

About restrictions on entry for Russians – in the material “Kommersant” “The Russians closed the window to Europe.”

Lusine Balasyan


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