Finance Ministry proposes to cut funding for state programs by 1.6 trillion rubles


    The Ministry of Finance of Russia proposed to reduce budget expenditures for state programs in 2023–2025 by 1.6 trillion rubles. About it writes newspaper “Vedomosti” with reference to the materials of the department.

    It is specified that the innovation will affect 59 programs out of 62. Thus, in 2023 they plan to reduce spending by 557 billion rubles, in 2024 – by 539 billion, in 2025 – by 534 billion. systems” – 390 billion rubles. Also, spending on the Scientific and Technological Development program will be reduced by 150 billion rubles, and 120 billion rubles will be reduced on Ensuring the country’s defense capability.

    The Ministry of Finance explained that in this way they intend to focus on more important areas. The department also noted that the curators of the programs themselves will have to determine the costs that need to be abandoned.


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