Finally, it became clear to everyone: what Putin said about the future of the forest industry in Pomorie

16 |  Administration of the President of Russia | Administration of the President of Russia

The forest region has become the center of strategic decision making in the industry. For the Arkhangelsk region it is difficult to overestimate the visit of the President.

During the year we tried to draw the attention of the government to the issues of solving the problems of the timber industry, especially in the North-West of Russia, where the timber industry enterprises found themselves in a difficult situation due to the refusal of former partners to export our products.

Today, the president proposed specific measures to support the industry. This includes the conversion of fuel oil and coal boilers to pellets and the allocation of funding for these purposes. The proposals on logistics through the port of St. Petersburg and the need for assistance with the export of our products from the region by Russian Railways cars were also supported. Also relevant for us is the issue of the development of wooden housing construction, the creation and participation of our companies in mortgage programs. Well, and most importantly, it has finally become clear to everyone that attention will be paid to the timber industry complex of Russia as an industry, today Vladimir Putin made this clear. Together with the Government of the Russian Federation, we will continue to create conditions for the development of the timber industry complex in Russia, in particular, we still have to return to the issue of building forest roads.

Subsidies for transportation are currently used by all timber companies and this is one of the most effective support measures. The only opinion is that the subsidies are not distributed correctly, i.e. the same for everyone. As a result, up to 80% of logistics costs are covered for small businesses, and up to 10% for large ones.

Issues on pellets were not resolved at all, we have been raising this issue for more than a year, but it is in the sphere of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Economy and not one department did not want to deal with this, and of course only the president could give them such an order

The construction of wooden houses also faced with overcoming problems in terms of safety and the creation of a regulatory framework, today the president made it clear that this should be done by the government.

All the measures taken will certainly immediately give an impetus to stabilize the situation, the president named specific figures for the conversion of boiler houses to biofuel, if the issue of logistics subsidies through the port of St. Petersburg is resolved, this measure will also become in demand. As for housing construction, Segezha has already built a plant in Sokol and they can do it right away, according to my information, the ULK group of companies is also interested in this program. Moreover, ULK is already building new boiler houses for pellets and wood chips in the Ustyansky district, if there is a program, this work will be continued. Plus, we will be able to save jobs at pellet plants, and the environmental aspect is not unimportant.

The issue with the lease after the fact has also been resolved, while a deferment is proposed, but the possibility of writing off the debt will also be provided.


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