Film critic Schneiderov called the strike of screenwriters in the United States a fight against the dictatorship of producers

Global Look Press |  Michaal Nigro/Keystone Press Agency
Global Look Press | Michaal Nigro/Keystone Press Agency

The writers’ strike in the United States is disturbing news and at the same time a step in the collective struggle against the dictatorship of producers. The film critic said David Shneiderov. He stressed that this event influenced a number of important projects.

In an interview with, he remindedthat a large part of the film’s success is the script. If this component is not of good quality, only in extreme cases can the director make an excellent product.

The main problem lies with the producers, since the final decision on the project always depends on them. When such a person is not satisfied with the work of the team, he finds a new one.

“Now in America there is a kind of collective struggle against the total dictatorship of producers, and if directors join this, then perhaps this dominance will somehow decrease,” the source concluded.

Previously, the strike caused the filming of Marvel’s The Thunderbolts to be halted. Work will resume only after the completion of activities.


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