Film celebrities who contested on Trinamool Congress ticket in the West Bengal Assembly Elections, credited the ‘charismatic personality of Mamata Banerjee’ for the party’s brilliant performance, while the BJP-led contestants Requested the ruling party to ensure that there are no attacks on political rivals.

The winning Tollywood brigade of the Trinamool Congress has directors Raj Chakraborty, actors Kanchan Malik, Soham Chakraborty, Juney Maliha and Lovely Mitra. Actress Papia Adhikari, Rudranil Ghosh, Parano Mitra, Shrabanti Chatterjee, Payal Sarkar, Tanushree Chakraborty and Yash Dasgupta lost elections at the hands of Trinamool Congress. Before joining BJP this year, Hiran Chatterjee, who was associated with the youth wing of Trinamool, won the election by defeating Pradeep Sarkar of Trinamool Congress.

The Trinamool Congress won the assembly elections by winning 213 out of 292 seats. Film director Raj Chakraborty, who won the election from Barrackpore, wrote on social media, “This victory is a testimony to Mamata Banerjee’s hard work and her magic.” This victory proves the victory of Bengali women, the victory of Bengali culture and it is a proof of the love of the people of Bengal. ‘

Her partner from the film industry and from Asansol lost to the BJP at the hands of Sayani Ghosh, posted, ‘Any strong woman has to do a lot to keep herself in a world where people go to any extent. .. Didi … O Didi … Joy Bangla … Mamta’s magic works. ‘

Rudranil Ghosh, who lost the election at the hands of the Trinamool, said, “Win or lose is part of the election.” … I hope that the Trinamool Congress will change its old pattern and allow them to work independently. ”He said,“ We ​​want hooliganism and barbarism to come to a complete halt. There should be no more corruption. ‘


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