Fifty teenagers from the Redan movement were detained in Tashkent

On March 5, law enforcement officers in Tashkent detained and held preventive conversations with fifty teenagers associated with the informal Redan movement. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan, Interfax reports.

Teenagers gathered in the center of Tashkent and chanted slogans about joining Redan. The Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that on social networks, users incited the followers of the movement to aggressive actions and tried to discredit the actions of law enforcement agencies.

At the end of February, several mass brawls took place in several Russian cities involving Redan followers. Redan PMC includes anime lovers aged 14-16. Spiders from the manga (Japanese comic) are considered a symbol of the group, so Redan followers wear black clothes with the image of these insects. According to the participants of the movement, the abbreviation PMC was added to the name as a response to acute social topics. Apparently, we are talking about PMC “Wagner”, participating in a special operation in the Donbass.

In the Moscow shopping center “Aviapark” on February 22, there was a mass brawl involving Redan supporters. The police will put on record the teenagers involved in the brawl.

Parlamentskaya Gazeta analyzed in detail what threatens participation in mass fights for children and their parents.

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