Felix Yevtushenkov resigns from Ozon board due to UK sanctions

The online retailer Ozon reported that Felix Yevtushenkov resigned from the board of directors of the company on April 11 in connection with the introduction of personal sanctions against him by the UK. The inclusion of Felix Yevtushenkov on the sanctions list became known yesterday, April 12.

“This seat will remain vacant for the foreseeable future,” Ozon said in a statement.

Felix Yevtushenkov is the son of the founder of AFK Sistema Vladimir Yevtushenkov, who came under London restrictions in April 2022. On April 12, in addition to Felix, who owns a 15.2% stake in AFK Sistema, Vladimir Yevtushenkov’s daughter Tatyana, as well as his wife Natalya, fell under the sanctions.

After the imposition of sanctions in April 2022, Vladimir Yevtushenkov transferred to his son a 10% stake in AFK Sistema (at that time, Felix had 5.2%), reducing his share to 49.2%. Previously, he was the controlling shareholder.

Felix Yevtushenkov joined the board of directors of Ozon in March 2022. To date, he also remains the current head of the board of directors of MTS.

Lusine Balasyan


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