fear spread due to two companion murder in kashmir bihari labors are preparing to return


    All the laborers of Bihar, who have seen the death of two of their colleagues within a week in the attack of terrorists, are now preparing to leave the valley. Fear has increased after the killing of Virendra Paswan of Bhagalpur on October 10 and Arvind Kumar Sah of Banka district on Saturday.

    Many people from Arvind’s home district Banka have started preparing to leave the valley. Apart from this, people of Kosi, Seemanchal and other districts of East Bihar have also made a mood to bid goodbye to the valley. Manoj Kumar, Rohit Kumar of Saharsa district, Arvind Kumar of Supaul district, Sanjeev Kumar have also decided to leave the valley with the family. There is panic in the minds of all of them due to the current situation in the valley. Similarly, Yakub Alam of Jalalgarh, Mansoor Alam of Araria, Rajat Kumar Rajbhar of Barsauni told that their families had gone to the valley five months ago. After the killing of non-Kashmiris, the contractors are not even paying the dues, so that everyone returns from there.

    Apart from Araria, Kishanganj, most of Seemanchal’s laborers have gone in search of work in Jammu and Kashmir. It is said that thousands of laborers from Kosi and Seemanchal go to nearby areas including Jammu and Kashmir to work for six months.

    Among them, there are many such laborers who worked for many months and the owner has arrears of money but now they have come back home due to fear of life. They did not get any wages, whatever money they had taken from above with a loan, the borrower is troubling them on their return. The problems of the laborers had already increased due to the lockdown.

    People of the state are scared even in Ladakh

    Two days ago, a resident of Purnia district, Masjid Mohd. Mujahid was murdered in Kargil by some criminals with a brick. Although this incident was carried out by the terrorists, it is not clear. After this incident, fear has instilled among the laborers of Bihar living in the Union Territory of Ladakh. Hundreds of laborers of Kosi-Semanchal live here too. The body of Mujahid, a resident of Kariyat village of Dagroa, is also about to reach Purnia. Bisi’s Mohd. Maqsood told that his two sons have been in Leh for four months. A son has already been attacked. Getting back is getting tough.

    Arrangements have been made to bring the dead body after talking to Jammu and Kashmir’s Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha and Banka administration. The dead body has been sent to Patna. The body is coming by flight till Patna. The Jammu and Kashmir administration and the Bihar government have announced compensation.

    Ram Narayan Mandal, MLA



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