FBI finds several classified documents on former Vice President Mike Pence

Source: Global Look Press / Kyle Mazza / www.imago-images.de
Source: Global Look Press / Kyle Mazza / www.imago-images.de

Washington, February 14th. The FBI discovered another classified document during a search of the former vice president’s residence. Mike Pence in Indianapolis. According to the lawyers of the former administration official Donald Trumpsecret documents were found in his house last month.

The Justice Department confirmed that the search was carried out after a lawyer for the former vice president Greg Jacobs notified the National Archives in a letter dated January 18 of the discovery of records with secret marks.

“Pence and his legal team have fully cooperated with the relevant authorities”– said the representative of the Ministry of Justice Devin O’Malley.

In addition to the recovered page with secret markings, the FBI also seized “six pages without such markings that were not found on initial viewing by the vice president’s attorney.”

Neither Pence nor his wife were at home at the time of the search, but a member of the politician’s legal team was present, and the Justice Department was given full access to the entire residence.

Previously, Pence hired a lawyer to review records kept at his home after the discovery of classified documents at the residence of the US President. Joe Biden. During the check, the lawyer found several materials that “potentially may contain confidential or secret information.”

The Justice Department bypassed standard procedures and required direct possession of records at Pence’s place of residence. With the consent of the former vice president, FBI agents went to his home in Indiana and seized this data.

On Tuesday, January 10, it became known that Biden’s lawyers found secret documents a few days before the fall congressional elections and handed them over to the Justice Department. Later U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Robert Hura special prosecutor to investigate the improper storage of classified materials at Biden’s home and former office.


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