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Father and daughter suffer assault in Puente Alto: victims assure that criminals had weapons of war


 Father and daughter are assaulted in Puente Alto: victims claim criminals had weapons of war

Millions in goods and money in Cash, plus the victims’ car, was taken by a group of criminals who carried out an assault on a house in Puente Alto. The individuals carried weapons of war, according to the inhabitants of the home.

A father and his daughter were victims of an assault at their home in Puente Alto . According to what they said, they were threatened with large-caliber weapons.

The incident occurred in the last few hours on Nevados del Salado street, in the Don Osvaldo villa, where between 5 to 6 criminals arrived with firearms.

The individuals forced the access gate and then broke down the door of the house. After that, they held the inhabitants of the place for about 15 minutes, where they stole electronic items, jewelry and cash , all valued at $10 million.

Then, they loaded the species into the victims’ car, which was no more than a year old, and fled.

The victims recounted how the crime occurred and that they were threatened with weapons that looked like warfare.

The two occupants of the house do not were injured and the criminals are wanted by the police.

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