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Faridabad Police: After reading the true tweets of Faridabad Police with Haryanavi touch, everyone speaks- Hey amazing?

Faridabad Latest News: The discussion on social media of the Faridabad Police of Haryana, adjacent to Delhi, is in full swing. In fact, the Faridabad Police tweets about the incidents in the district. During this, the language of the tweet is very much liked by the users.


  • Discussion on social media of Haryana’s Faridabad Police adjacent to Delhi in full swing
  • Faridabad Police tweets giving Haryanavi touch about the incidents of the district
  • Faridabad Police is highly praised on social media

60 Marka Murder Case, the old lady got the old man killed by the old man for the old lady. The rod was of the old man’s nin-matka…. By increasing this line, everyone must have once thought that what kind of language is this? But Haryana’s Faridabad Police gives crime alerts in the same way. Precise, pure and giving an absolutely Haryanavi touch. In fact, the Faridabad Police gives the details of the crime in the district by tweeting in the same manner from its official Twitter account. For this, the Faridabad Police is also highly praised on social media.

The Faridabad Police on Thursday unearthed 60 Marka Murder cases. The police also arrested the accused of murder. After this the police tweeted, ‘The old lady made the old man die for the old lady. The betel nut giving his own Chant of Lugai 64. The betel nut eater is the unfortunate householder of 67. Took a betel nut 62. Peter Gall found the old man in the canal. The rod was that of the old man.’

Faridabad Police always tweets in this manner. The police said in their next tweet, ‘Bhimkay Vijay and Ravindra carried the nut-volt of one hundred and fifty kilos of stolen opium for a whole lot of opium. Also keen interest in car theft and assault. If he had put half the emphasis in MNREGA, then the children would have grown up, the wife would have killed and she herself would have died in the same way. But the dog’s tail is crooked. #bawdi_booch’

Some of the interesting tweets of Faridabad Police are as follows:-

pjimage - 2021-06-10T204058.057


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