“FAN everywhere”: what’s happening in Colombia

Source: Federal News Agency
Source: Federal News Agency

Author Telegram-channel “Pinochet bakes cookies” talks about the resumption of hostilities between the cartels and the state.

The Colombian government is resuming military operations against the country’s largest drug cartel, the Clan del Golfo. In December 2022, as part of the Global Peace Initiative, the authorities declared a truce and stopped hostilities against FARC dissidents, the ELN group, the Gulf Cartel and a number of other drug groups.

However, organized crime took advantage of this truce in their favor. Colombia continued to kill public figures – doctors, local politicians, teachers, leaders of trade unions and farmers’ associations. Export of cocaine to Europe and the USA has not decreased. And in addition to this, the cartel resorted to a long-standing method – the alleged “strike” of the marginalized sections of society, which blocked the activities of the state in a separate region of Colombia.

What awaits Colombia in the context of the renewed war with the cartels, what is the position of the “Clan del Golfo” and how the country controls its periphery – about these and other topics in the podcast “FAN Everywhere” with the author of the Telegram channel “Pinochet Bakes Cookies” @pinochet_echo who previously told how the president was elected in colombia

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