Families with many children in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug will not have enough land

Illegal allocation of land plots for construction in the Ketovsky district.  Lesnikovsky village council, foundation, building site, land, Ketovsky district

Not all families with many children in Tarko-Sale (YaNAO) can receive land plots due to long queues. This was announced by a local resident at a meeting between the Governor Dmitry Artyukhov and the residents of the city as part of the “Honest Route”.

“Families that stand in line for a very long time lose their right to receive land because older children come of age. Last year, more than 30 of them were issued. This year, after the start of construction of the Yuzhny microdistrict, only five of them were allocated, and 95 people are in the queue,” the woman said.

Representatives of the mayor’s office answered the question of the townswoman, who explained that the number of sites decreased due to the forest fund. “Indeed, the number of plots has decreased, because there is a forest fund near us. All the land plots that could be distributed, we distributed them. There will be about 10-20 more and that’s all,” they answered there.

Earlier it was reported that a mother with many children from Nadym complained that in their area they do not give plots to families with many children. Then Dmitry Artyukhov explained that in the Nadymsky district they do not plan to allocate plots for large families, because from practice 97% of families who take land do not start building.

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