Fallen trees and flooded roads. Storm with showers and a hurricane hit St. Petersburg


    Users from St. Petersburg published photos and videos with the consequences of the storm

    A strong storm with showers and hurricane winds came to St. Petersburg. Social media users reported downed trees on cars, flooded roads, and fallen poles and stops.

    Departure from the Mega shopping center located on Dybenko Avenue was blocked by a pillar brought down by a strong wind.

    In New Peterhof, a tree crushed a parked car.

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    Fallen trees and flooded roads.  Storm with downpours and hurricane hit St. Petersburg |  Picture 1Photo source: vk.com/spb_today

    But some car owners are more fortunate.

    Fallen trees and flooded roads.  Storm with downpours and hurricane hit St. Petersburg |  Picture 2Photo source: vk.com/spb_today

    The roads in the city began to look more like canals. Drivers try to avoid dangerous areas.

    On Bolshevikov Avenue, a strong wind dropped the bus stop on a woman. Passers-by called an ambulance.

    Following St. Petersburg, bad weather will come to Moscow. The capital headquarters of the Ministry of Emergency Situations with reference to the forecast of weather forecasters of the Hydrometeorological Center issued an emergency warning on Saturday, August 6, about the arrival of a thunderstorm with rain with wind gusts up to 15-17 meters per second. The forecast is valid until 23:00.

    Thunderstorms were also reported in Kronstadt. The “orange” level of weather danger in the region will last from 18:00 on August 6 to 00:00 on August 7. A storm warning has also been issued in the northern capital.

    Partially flooded the Moscow railway station.

    The head of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia, Roman Vilfand, said earlier about a sharp change in the weather and the departure of the heat from the Moscow region next Sunday. He stressed that the air temperature will drop from +32 to +25, and there will also be thunderstorms with hail and wind gusts up to 20 meters per second.

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