Failure to comply with traffic rules when transporting a Christmas tree threatens with a fine

Failure to comply with the rules of the road when transporting a Christmas tree threatens with a fine. This was warned by the lawyer of the European Legal Service, Yulia Tsyn. She noted that, according to the traffic rules, the cargo should not restrict the driver’s view, make it difficult to control and violate the stability of the vehicle, cover external lighting devices and reflectors, registration and identification marks. In addition, it should not interfere with the perception of hand signals.

AT conversation with the Prime agency, the lawyer added that if the tree protrudes from the front and back by more than a meter or from the side by more than 0.4 meters from the outer edge of the marker light, then the cargo must be marked with the sign “Oversized cargo”, and if necessary – with a lantern and reflector.

In addition, Tsyn pointed out that illegal felling of trees is punishable by a fine to imprisonment. Therefore, when buying a Christmas tree, you must ask the seller for documents up to a receipt.


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