F-18 fighter jet crashes in Spain during demonstration flight

In the north-east of Spain, an F-18 fighter of the Spanish Air Force (Air Force) crashed at a military air base in Zaragoza

It is reported on Saturday, May 20 edition El Confidential with reference to the Civil Guard and the Ministry of Defense of the country.

It is noted that the crash occurred today around noon. This happened at the moment when the plane was performing a demonstration flight as part of the Air Force exhibition.

The fighter fell on the territory of the military camp, after which a fire started. The reasons for the crash are still unknown. The pilot managed to eject, he was hospitalized with injuries and leg injuries.

According to the agency, the aircraft was flown by a pilot who serves as part of the 15th air wing at the airbase in Zaragoza, he has more than 1,000 flight hours.

Upon impact with the ground, the plane was completely destroyed, but the fire that started on the runway was quickly extinguished by rescuers.

It is also reported that this is not the first incident involving Spanish F-18s, Heraldo notes. In 2017, the fighter jet crashed while taking off from the Torrejon de Ardoz air base, the pilot was killed.

The F-18 (Hornet) is an American carrier-based fighter-bomber and attack aircraft developed in the 1970s. Today it is the main combat aircraft of the US Navy.

It is in service with a number of countries in Europe, Oceania and the Middle East, was used in military operations in Libya, Iraq, Yugoslavia.

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