Express: The West fell into the trap of “Catch-22” because of the rise in energy prices

    Federal News Agency
    Federal News Agency

    Western countries have fallen into the net of the paradoxical trap “Catch-22”. Samir Dani, professor of operational management and deputy director of the Keele business school, came to this conclusion, Express writes.

    Today, Europe is forced to put up with a record rise in energy prices. At the same time, a sharp jump in the cost of fuel provoked a general increase in inflation.PolitRussia“.

    “It (inflation – Note FAN) causes all sorts of domino effects in the food supply chain, which is key because food is a staple for everyone… However, lowering energy prices may be largely inconsistent with the goals of combating climate change and leads to a “Catch-22” situation, when prices need to be reduced, but climate goals must also be achieved, ”the expert reasoned.

    Dani admitted that with a decrease in fossil energy prices and a deal with OPEC in the first stage, the situation could stabilize. But for a full reset, a long-term scenario is needed, the analyst concluded.

    Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak earlier predicted that high gas prices in Europe would continue for at least a few more years. He also recalled that this trend was born due to the introduction of Western sanctions against Moscow.


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