Home News Export of gadgets and equipment from China to Russia has significantly decreased

Export of gadgets and equipment from China to Russia has significantly decreased


The import of gadgets and technological equipment into Russia from China has declined significantly after the US and other countries imposed related sanctions. The Washington Post writes about this, citing a statement by US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo.

According to Ms. Raimondo, exports of laptops from China to Russia fell by 40% in March compared to February, exports of smartphones fell by more than two-thirds, and telecommunications equipment – by 98%. According to Ms. Raimondo, this is due to Beijing’s fears of violating the sanctions imposed against Russia.

Major Chinese tech companies, including Xiaomi and Huawei, did not respond to The Washington Post’s request to cut exports to Russia or declined to comment on the matter. Earlier, American media wrote that Chinese technology companies, under the pressure of US sanctions and suppliers, are curtailing business in Russia without making official statements about it.

Ms. Raimondo also recently said that the US and the EU want to “synchronize” export control regimes in order to use them to impose trade and economic sanctions not only against Russia, but also against other countries.

Experts say that while the ban on exports to Russia did not apply to household appliances and electronics, many manufacturers prefer to stop deliveries to Russia altogether, whether they violate the ban or not.

“Many companies simply stop exporting to Russia. Period, ”the newspaper quotes Kevin Wolfe, an American lawyer and former senior official at the Department of Commerce.

More news in Telegram channel “Kommersant”.

Yana Rozhdestvenskaya



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