Experts tell you how to quit smoking cigarettes quickly

Experts from the publication TechInsider told how you can quickly quit smoking and gave advice to those who are trying to give up the addiction.

The most important thing is the need to quit smoking abruptly. Try to take all the free time with something useful, and fight psychological addiction. If you can’t cope on your own, then contact a psychologist.

Find a relaxation technique that suits you: concerts, music, painting, watching movies or modeling. No matter what, the main thing is to find a hobby that will help fight the accumulated stress.

Try not to appear in smoking rooms and near people with cigarettes. Don’t tempt yourself.

And finally, keep in mind the motivation for quitting smoking. Whether it’s a fear of lung cancer or not wanting to set a bad example for your kids, hold on to your goals as tightly as you can.

Earlier, doctor Zhito warned Russians about the danger of losing their hearing due to smoking.


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