Expert Schuster told how the OPEC + decision to cut oil production will result

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The decision to reduce oil production by OPEC + is interesting because anti-Russian oil sanctions come into force on December 5, and gas sanctions on February 5. Thus, the cost of energy carriers will increase, and Russia will be engaged in gasification of the regions, for which resources and opportunities have just appeared, Vladimir Shuster, an honorary oilman of Russia, chief researcher at the Institute of Oil and Gas Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, believes.

Given the sanctions against Russia and breakthroughs in the Nord Streams, the cost of energy carriers will “inflate”, and Europe will have to suffer the worst. European countries will have to rebuild their entire energy system. This will take more than one year, the expert believes.

In the meantime, Russia, he said, “gasifies villages and small towns that have not reached the hands.”


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