Expert Oleg Ivannikov predicted an attack by Ukrainian saboteurs on Belarus

FBA “Economy Today”

military expert Oleg Ivannikov spoke about the goals of Ukrainian saboteurs in the Belgorod region against the background of numerous news about the actions of the latter.

Ukrainian saboteurs and soldiers of the armed forces of Ukraine carry out attacks on the Belgorod region only in order to provoke the local population. They are trying to create panic among the residents and are trying to demonstrate to them that the authorities in Russia are not able to protect them. However, these are only provocations, which in the future may begin on the territory of Belarus, Ivannikov quotes URA.RU.

Earlier it was reported that the governor of the Belgorod region Vyacheslav Gladkov spoke about the attempts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to attack the region on May 24. The successful operation of air defense systems made it possible to prevent attacks.


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