Expert Khudoborodov told in which body of water you can pick up “bather’s itch”


    Do not swim in standing water, even if it is very hot. It is in such places that the greatest risk of contracting various infections, including cercariasis, or “bather’s itch.” Aleksey Khudoborodov, head of the Department for Supervision of Public Utilities and Human Environment of the Office of Rospotrebnadzor for the City of Moscow, warned about this.

    “It is necessary to avoid swimming in ponds with stagnant water overgrown with mud, and you should also not go into the water where ducks swim, since these waterfowl are often infected with parasites. They are not transmitted to humans, but they can give an allergic reaction in the form of a small itchy red rash on skin,” Khudoborodov said in an interview Radio Sputnik.

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    To reduce the risk of infection, the expert recommends following four more tips. The first – you can not swim in the presence of wounds and abrasions on the skin, in case of acute respiratory viral infections or immediately after the illness, since the immune system is still weakened.

    Second – Do not swallow water. Together with it, bacteria and viruses can enter the body.

    Third – after swimming in a suspicious reservoir, you need to thoroughly clean the skin with antibacterial wet wipes or an antiseptic, take a shower with soap and a washcloth.

    Fourth – if there is a warning sign next to a pond, river or lake that swimming is prohibited, then this is not just. Most likely, this means that water can be harmful to health.

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