Expert: China needs to increase the number of military exercises in Asia

China’s intensive military exercises with neighboring countries benefit mutual trust and help maintain regional stability. This is written by the Global Times with reference to experts.

The day before, a conference was held in Guangdong province with the participation of military personnel from China, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, at which plans for joint exercises were discussed, the material says.

Shortly before this, the Sino-Lao exercises ended, which practiced joint actions in the mountains and in the forest. Even earlier, China took part in the maneuvers together with Singapore and Cambodia, the resource specifies.

The intensification of exercises with the countries of Southeast Asia is an important part of China’s “military diplomacy”. They not only benefit the overall security of the region, but also work out countering specific threats, such as drug trafficking and terrorism, military analyst Song Zhongping said.

Therefore, China needs to expand the practice of joint exercises with its Asian neighbors. The importance of this is growing in conditions when the United States is increasing its presence in the region, the expert emphasizes.

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